It is not a secret anymore that Mourinho would like to have Sir Alex Ferguson post one day. It is his dream and there is a rumor that said.. he got a clause in his contract with Real Madrid which allows him to sign with Manchester United at anytime if he got the offer. Nothing strange about it because United is the biggest football club in the World with full of tradition.

He always proudly said that he is a successful manager in England with Chelsea..but the truth is.. he knows that with the money and talents that he got… he should brings Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge or at least winning Premier League in beautiful ways.

Now..he wants to come back to England and complete his mission. The only team that can make his dream come true in England is Manchester United.
And.. to make sure he get what he wants…. He must be good with Sir Alex ferguson because surely Fergie will have a big say while selecting his successor.

Soon after signing with Real Madrid, he handed a compliment to his “friend” Sir Alex Ferguson for the work ethic inculcated in Cristiano Ronaldo during his time at Manchester United.

“Jorge Mendes [Mourinho and Ronaldo's agent] works with me and with him and we always talk a lot about Cristiano,”
“In addition, there are few coaches that I am friends with and Sir Alex Ferguson is one of them. And I talked to him, too.
“He said that the ‘lad’ as he called him, had an amazing way of working. After seeing it up close, I think it is impressive for a player with the status he has that no one works harder than him.

Then when he marks 10 years in coaching…

“I have the same passion as 10 years ago and I think that in another 10 years the passion will be the same.
“I think I’ll be like Ferguson. I’ll be 70 and still have the passion for coaching.”

His best player at Inter, Wesley Sneijder has claimed that Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho replacing Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager when the Scot retires is a “done deal”.

“When Ferguson retires, in my mind, it’s a deal already done in people’s heads,”
“One world-class manager leaves and another one takes over.
“I have had many deep and long conversations with Jose and I would put money on him taking over from Ferguson. I know the job he would want is to be Manchester United manager.
“To be honest, he is probably the only coach in the world who is capable of taking over from Alex Ferguson.
“I know how excited he is to get back to the Premier League,”
“When he talked about it, he was like a little kid. He was so excited. It really turns him on.”

When he recalled the day Porto defeated United in Champions League…

“And then there was a knock on the door. It was Alex, with Gary Neville. As they came in, everybody fell silent, respectful. The party stopped. The party was over. And, as Gary Neville went round shaking hands with my players, Alex shook hands with me and said that, after the press conference, I was invited to come to his office for a drink.
“What a special person it was, I thought, who would do anything to win but, if he lost, still do that.
“At that moment I made a decision. It was that, if I ever came to England, I would follow this example.

Finally…last Monday..Mourinho admitted…

“Among all the coaches in football, I can say he [Ferguson] is my best friend,”

Although I don’t like Jose Mourinho, I have to admit that he is actually one of the best candidate to take over the helm at United from Sir Alex Ferguson. have Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or Ryan Giggs as United’s manager would be better…